"I was not sure leaving my white St. John suit at Royal Cleaners but to my surprise, it came back whiter than before. All my high end garments handled with extreme care. Their quality and service is incredible. Royal Cleaners is the BEST!!"
- Betty O., Bernardsville, NJ
"Royal Cleaners treat us like a family. They have it all figured out from the time we enter the store. All i say is hello and all my order is ready hanging on the pole. They make it really easy and personalized."
- Smith P. Peapack, NJ
"My sheets and table linen always comes clean and whiter than before."
- Pirano C. Basking Ridge, NJ
"They go above and beyond drycleaning. I had a guest who stayed for a day at our home and needed clothes cleaned urgently for their travel to California. Not only they cleaned but also delivered the same day. My guest was very suprised to see the quality she got"
- Cathy H., Bernardsville, NJ
"Pat and the crew are unreal. One day, i went to the store at 2PM hoping to get my shirts done for the next day morning flight to London. Pat said, don't worry, you will take your favorite shirts with you. When i return from a trip, i realized they did shirts laundry, pressing, boxed and delivered to me all in few hours. These guys take away your worries. Can't say enought about them."
- Russo D.
"The owners are great! Really warm and personable. And their quality is unbeatable! I'm hooked for good! I know I'm getting what I pay for when I drop off my clothes here!"
- Mashimaro M., NJ
"Do yourself a favor, try Royal Cleaners and treat yourself to real customer service and professional cleaning that will make your clothes fresh like new."
- James D., NJ
"Great pick up and delivery service. Sometimes i forget to keep my clothes outside, then i dropped them at the store. I know this confuses them but they get it done right all the time. One instance, i needed a perticular dress for a party next day, Amit promised me that you will have your dress ready for your party and he followed it up with timely delivery. These guys are great is an understatement."
- Vincent C. Gladstone, NJ
"Always on time with clothes. professional quality. good customer service. Always my first choice for dry cleaning."
- Munez A, Basking Ridge, NJ
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