Professional Cleaning of Household Items

Let us conveniently freshen and maintain your home with expert cleaning of comforters, duvets, pillows, blankets, drapes, and linens.

Get that luxury hotel feeling at home! Bring us your sheets, comforters, duvet covers and blankets and we will return them to you clean, fresh and neatly pressed.

We have over twenty years experience working with upholstery fabrics. Bring us your drapes, curtains, sofa and chair covers and we will revive them.

Visitors coming to town? Quick! Freshen up those duvets. We’ll clean your bedding and bring it straight to your door. We also work magic on sleeping bags, pillows and more.

We press sheets the old fashioned way: by hand.  Your expensive Frette linens will never be pulled and tugged through a rolling machine. With our gentle treatment, your finely embroidered linens will last much longer.

Our patented soap is just as gentle as your treatment. At Royal Cleaners, tired of the industry’s typical harsh chemicals, we came up with our own product: Alex’s soap. Our gentle detergent is made of  the highest grade materials available. This effective product is specially designed to prolong fabric life and maintain your clothes original color. Our detergent makes your clothes softer than ever.

It’s always a lovely feeling to get into bed and luxuriate in the feeling of freshly laundered bed linen. It’s all about being crisp, fresh and perfectly clean. Our laundry service offers you this luxury!

All items are individually inspected and then washed with the gentlest detergents before being finished to our exacting standards. Laundry is then folded and packed ready for next time you change your bed. This service saves you both time and guarantees you the highest standard of laundry service available.

This commercial grade, gentle touch detergent is also available for home use.

Our linen cleaning service provides extreme care for your table linens and bed linens. Our linen cleaners inspect and pre-spot all linens before washing. Royal Cleaners has what it takes to get the most common table linen stains such as wine, coffee, and gravy out, and rejuvenate your linen just like it was brand new! Once washed and checked for remaining spots, our linen cleaning service hand presses all items on a flat iron and we then package the linens with care.

When it comes to entertaining, you have enough details to consider. Let us worry about removing that dash of Merlot and steaming the wrinkles out of your table linens. We’ll deliver the cleaned, pressed linens straight to your home. You just need to remember to pick up extra ice and order the extra dozen roses.

Comforter Cleaning varies depending on the type of comforter and what it is filled with. For instance, most down filled comforters are washed in over-sized machines to allow the comforter to get adequate agitation. Our comforter cleaning service will ensure that your comforter will be cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Drying of down is done in an over-sized front-loading tumbler. The airflow in this dryer is far superior to home dryers, and will be able to fully dry the filling without leaving any odor behind.

Fiber or Polyester filled comforters are usually dry cleaned or washed according to the recommended care instructions. The dry clean only comforters are cleaned with top of line equipment and chemicals that will rejuvenate your comforter and bring back that new feel. When a fiber filled comforter is washed they are treated with the same care as a down filled comforter but only requiring half of the dry time. Once our comforter cleaning service is complete, all comforters are carefully folded and placed in a breathable zipper bag that is reusable and can be used for safe storage!

In addition to comforter cleaning, Royal Cleaners provides a high-quality quilt cleaning service. All quilts brought to our dry cleaners are treated with utmost care. Our quilt cleaners first measure the length to make sure it is returned to you the exact length it was when you brought it to us. Quilts receive a thorough but gentle cleaning in a clean solvent to assure your colors stay bright. At the completion of our quilt cleaning service, the quilts are steamed and measured to make sure it is still its correct length and shape. Quilts can be hung over a hanger or folded to your liking. If folded, the quilts are placed in a reusable zippered storage bag.

Drapery Cleaning is one of our most hands on and delicate services. Before the Drapery Cleaning, all drapes are carefully inspected to make sure drapes and sheers are still able to withstand cleaning. Time and sunlight can cause the weakening of delicate fabrics. These items are gently cleaned by themselves and inspected again once taken out of the machine. At the completion of our drapery cleaning service, the drapes are pleated and steamed in an automated machine that brings garments back to the original length. The drapes are then banded and bagged to keep all your pleats perfectly straight until you are ready to hang them back up!