Area Rug Cleaning

Did too many cocktail parties leave their mark on your rugs? Don’t stop toasting life, just give us a call. It’s easier than ever to freshen up that fringed beauty on the floor. We’ll come by and pick up your rug and bring it back, fresh and clean and ready for the next season of social events. If you need help moving the furniture or rolling up the rug, just let us know. At Alex’s we have strong men who love doing that sort of thing.

At Royal Cleaning Service each rug is treated differently and uniquely from the others. Our friendly technicians carefully examine the condition of the rug for fading, discoloration, stains, wear, pre-existing damage, color instability and odors. With this special attention, we can determine the cleaning technique and method for each rug, followed by the coloration enhancement, if desired. These steps ensures proper cleaning and care of these precious rugs.

Currently the following area rug cleaning services are available:

  1. In-home area rug cleaning. Royal Cleaning Service uses an injection / extraction cleaning method .This in-home technique is proved by the rug manufacturers to be highly effective. In addition, the customer will conveniently have his/her rug in their home at all time, saving time and money.
    All our area rug cleaning products are non-toxic, non-flammable, baby friendly, pet-friendly and bio-degradable.
  2. Pick up and cleaning in our state of the art facility, cleaning center.The pick-up and delivery is always free at Royal Cleaning Service.

We determine the cleaning technique and method that best suits your rug’s particular weave, fibers and dyes.

Our technicians use cutting edge technology processes in order to deep clean and revive the colors of your rug. Once the rug is cleaned, a thorough inspection is done to determine the results. If necessary, our technicians may decide to repeat the cleaning process.

We, then wrap the rug and make it ready for delivery. The regular area rug cleaning time takes usually a few days, but for an additional fee a next day delivery service is available.

We ensure our client satisfaction with the expert results which bring out the rug’s natural beauty and extend its life, thus protecting your investment for years to enjoy! For interested customers, we also sell and place padding under area rugs.

The padding is very important for the following reasons;

  1. Prolongs the life of your rug by absorbing most of the foot pressure
  2. Prevents  from accidental slippage
  3. Absorbs spills by acting like a sponge and prevents damage to your floors.

Royal Cleaning Service technicians use only non-toxic, non-flammable, baby friendly, pet friendly, bio degradable cleaning products. By choosing Royal Cleaning Service, not only are you keeping your family safe and healthy but you will also be making a difference, by helping to save our environment with our eco-friendly approach!

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we back up our work by a solid 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not fully satisfied with our initial cleaning, just contact us and we will come back a second time, free of charge.  If you are still not satisfied we will accommodate you financially.

Because our goal is to have as many satisfied customers as possible, our friendly service does not stop once the job is completed. We will give you a “spot -out” cleaner free of charge ( a $ 19.95 value ), which will take care of most stains in between cleanings, therefore keeping your area rugs looking better for longer.This is our way to thank you for entrusting Royal Cleaning Service with all of your cleaning needs.

We invite you to try our insured, bonded, professional area rug cleaning services by calling us at (908) 766-9595 or ask for free pick-up, and see for yourself why we are one of the fastest growing cleaning service company in your area