Leather Cleaning and Suede Cleaning

There is nothing more exotic and luxurious than your treasured leather and suede garments. Professional Leather Cleaning and Suede Cleaning is a must.

Leather’s comfort, durability and versatility can make it your favorite thing to wear. With proper leather cleaning and suede cleaning, genuine leather garments can give you MANY years of practical wear and enjoyment. Suede and leather cleaning is a very specialized craft and should only be carried out by trained craftsmen.

Why is Leather Cleaning More Expensive Than Normal Dry Cleaning?

The process is much longer (we need at least 2 weeks) and the cleaning solvents and oils are unique and expensive. Also proper and safe leather cleaning requires specialist knowledge and training. However its not too painful when you consider leather and suede doesn’t normally need cleaning nearly as often as other materials!.

  • Inspect your leather and suede garments before the first wear of the season. Look for stains, heavy soiling and repairs that may be needed.
  • Repair open seams, torn linings and loose buttons now. These are all small problems that can be fixed inexpensively but can become expensive repairs if ignored
  • If your leather or suede garment is stained or has heavy soiling, have it cleaned otherwise stains will become permanent! Cleaning adds conditioners, which keep leather soft and supple.
  • Have leather items conditioned annually if cleaning is unnecessary.
  • Consider having a “Shower & Stain” protection applied to suede items. This will potentially prevent spotting from rain showers and repel some stains.
  • Always treat Suede & Leather with great care – stains are much easier to prevent than to remove.
  • When wet, leave to dry in a well-ventilated area and make sure it is completely dry before putting away (if mildew forms it can rarely be removed). Wet or water damaged suede can generally be improved by brushing up the nap, or bring it into Royal Cleaners for treatment.
  • As leather is pre-stretched in tanning it is possible that it will relax in cleaning, normally this is not noticeable.
  • Never clean part of an outfit, color variation may occur.
  • When storing never leave garments under the plastic cover (leather breaths), where possible us a cotton cover for protection.
  • Did you know leather and suede are both made from skins but from different sides!
  • As leather ages it gathers a patina that adds to the character of the garment. Have fun wearing your leather!